Art in Public Places

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Temple University Sculpture

In 1983, Temple issued a competition challenge to all Philadelphia area architects. The goal was to remove and waterproof the deteriorating ceramic tile mosaic cladding that had been on two opposing building walls, Barton Hall and Beury Hall since their construction in 1963. Each wall was concave to the 13th Street. The catch was that each competing architect had to work with an artist and the submission had to integrate art into the resurfacing and waterproofing of the walls.

David Porter, a licensed architect, and John Botkin, an artist from Delaware County, PA, were one of the 17 entering teams. To their surprise, they WON the competition. David Porter then contracted with the University to complete the construction drawings and to follow the project through to completion.

The applied neoclassical facade shapes are made of FRC (fiberglass reinforced cement) and hung on the wall like pictures using stainless steel clips.
1983Philadelphia, PA