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Expert Witness Consulting

Consult with individuals, corporations, attorneys, and insurance companies regarding building problems, defects, construction claims, and personal injuries related to architecture, design, construction, buildings, grounds, and development.

Conduct research into codes, ordinances, and laws pertaining to architecture, construction related claims and litigation, ADA compliance, and personal injuries.

Prepare reports of findings (upon request of client).

Provide expert testimony in deposition and trial.

Experience at providing expert witness services since 1988 (128 cases through 2015).

Between 3% and 10% of annual gross billings attributed to expert witness services.

Architectural Review

David Porter is, or has been in the past, the architect consultant for the Architectural Review Committees/Boards in the following communities:

PGA National – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
1988 to present

Ibis Golf & Country Club – West Palm Beach, Florida
Architect of the first Architectural Review Board. Assisted in writing the first set of Design Rules & Regulations for this community.
1992 to 1993

Steeplechase – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
1997 to 2004

Abacoa – Jupiter, Florida
1998 to 2000

Horseshoe Acres – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Consultant on re-write of Architectural Guidelines 2005

Mirabella – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
2008 to present

Mirasol – Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
2009 to 2013


A sample listing of projects where the firm provided these types of services:

Value Motor Cars – Lakeland, FL
Drawings Review

GE Capital – St. Louis, MO

Holiday Inn – Cocoa Beach, FL

Inspex – Chicago, IL

FEI Carwash & Mobil Gas Station – Aventura, FL

LQA – Phoenix, AZ

Garnett Residence, M/M Mark Garnett – Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Architect has provided Construction Phase observation services for his own design projects, when requested by clients, but these are not listed here.


  • Review project construction drawings for sufficiency, detail, completeness, detailing, sound design, code compliance.
  • Prepare report regarding drawing changes necessary or recommended.
  • Visits to site during construction to observe and document progress, quality, compliance with general intent of drawings, and completed work.
  • Photograph project progress and key elements especially before getting closed up by other construction. CD of photos provided to client at completion.
  • Prepare written Field Reports documenting project status at each visit.
  • Inspect project at each payment request from contractor to validate that completion status matches work invoiced for by payment request.
  • Prepare Punch List at project completion (list of incomplete, incorrect, or poorly completed work) for contractor’s attention.
  • At completion of Punch List work, walk project as a Final Inspection to validate that all Punch List work was completed.