An architect, working with a computer programmer, created DataCAD back in 1984. The program was written from an architect’s point of view for how CADD (computer-aided design and drafting) should specifically serve architects. Up until then, CADD programs had been written for the general drafting population.

Since 1986, David Porter has been anĀ  every-day user of DataCAD. The program, up through its latest release, has maintained its founding concepts and simplicity. DataCAD LLC continues to tweak, add to, and improve the program keeping it fresh and current to the needs of architects, designers, and builders.

The DataCAD user base operates an invaluable free question and answer forum on the Internet. There are 70 to 80 daily questions and replies, from old veterans to new users, from all over the world on any conceivable DataCAD question. The quality, professionalism, and knowledge of this bunch is better than most software developers offer for their paid, tech support. Anyone can sign onto this group. Contact Evan Shu’s Cheap Tricks web site for info (see below for hyperlink). Evan is the tireless founder and administrator of the Forum and he cannot be thanked enough.

The web sites listed below will lead you to some of the most valuable tips, tricks, aids, and information available for the DataCAD user:

Developer and seller of the DataCAD software.

Evan Shu’s Cheap Tricks and Cheap Tricks Ware
Cheap Tricks is an invaluable resource for third party macros, templates, linetypes, and knowledge for and about DataCAD.

Connect to the DataCAD web page to find other related web sites containing third-party DataCAD information.